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02-Dec-2014, 01:04 pm

Changes in the wind

December 2, 2014


Check out this website regularly to see updates on Auckland Council’s proposed air quality bylaw which will regulate the use of  open fireplaces and pre-2005 wood burners.

The situation as it stands at the above date:

The bylaw aims to prohibit the use of domestic open fires and pre-2005 woodburners by October 2018. We can assist by capping off standard open fire chimneys or we are happy to recommend low-emission free standing or inbuilt appliances that will comply with clean air regulations.

The use of new and existing wood burners installed from 2005 onwards, that meet emission and efficiency standards, will continue to be permitted.

The bylaw will be considered by the Regulatory and Bylaws Committee in February, 2015, before it goes to the council for a decision.

* The issue will now be discussed at the committee's March meeting.














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