Frequently asked questions!

  1. Do I really need to have my chimney cleaned?  
  2. How often should I have my chimney cleaned?  
  3. Why is a chimney sweep so important?  
  4. Why is smoke coming into the living room?
  5. I heat with gas. Should this chimney be cleaned?  
  6. I heat with oil. Should this chimney be cleaned?  
  7. Chimney fires don't have to happen.  
  8. What to do if I have a chimney fire?  
  9. Why do chimney sweeps work alone?  
  10. Do you have any wood burning tips?  
  11. Why do fireplaces work and some don't?  
  12. When I open the door of my appliance, smoke rolls out, why?  
  13. How do I dispose of ashes from my fireplace?  
  14. How can I remove the black smoke marks on the face front brick of my fireplace?
  15. When is the best time of year to schedule a chimney sweep?
  16. Choosing a woodburner?