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02-Feb-2015, 02:39 pm

Get in early!

The temperatures might be soaring in the late 20s but this is the time to check your fireplace is safe and in good working condition before the first cold snap hits.

In the height of the season between April and June there can be a delay in sweeping your chimney due to the sheer quantity of jobs. 

If a fireplace needs repairs there can be another delay while we get the go-ahead, obtain parts and schedule the work to be done.

Our advice is to have your chimney swept annually. The fireplace must be cold for sweeping so it is recommended that it is not used the night before our visit.

Our office is open from 9am-4pm during summer so please call us on 268-7011 or you can book on line through this website.

We will be putting in a submission into Auckland Council opposing its proposed restrictions on fireplaces as part of the Air Quality Bylaw. Any updates will be posted on this website under the news flash tab. You can make a submission through the council website or express your opposition to your local councillor. 

Regards Andy Anderson's Chimney Sweeps


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