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13-Feb-2015, 02:32 pm

Grey Power speaks out

Letter to Editor

Howick & Pakuranga Grey Power president Arthur Moore wrote this letter to the Eastern Courier (February 11, 2015)

Regarding your article about Ted Bastable’s wood burner (Eastern Courier, January 28) that reports ‘‘the Auckland Council says 75 per cent of Auckland’s air pollution over the winter is caused by emissions from open fires and older wood burners’’.

The council is required to reduce pollution and in my opinion they are looking at the soft option.

What about pollution caused by diesel trucks and buses? Is the council going to have them checked to see they do not pollute, as many of them obviously need tuning as one can tell from the amount of smoke they put out.

Grey Power is fighting the changes proposed around open fires and wood burners but does not have enough clout on its own. Everyone concerned needs to contact their MP and councillors to tell them this is not on.

Grey Power Howick & Pakuranga have enlisted the support of Sharon Stewart and Dick Quax, however people concerned need to write to Calum Penrose, who is chairman of the regulatory and bylaws committee at council.

Express your concerns to him and let other councillors know your feelings as well.

What would happen to all wood if it was not burnt? Could it go to landfill, causing more problems?

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